Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sedona Mountain Biking II: Fruition

I just got off the trails here in Sedona and it's just shocking what has happened since I last wrote about the Sedona trails system and what I thought was on the horizon.  Check out what I wrote over two years ago:

Sedona Mountain Biking: A New Hope

All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I thought the future of Sedona mountain biking was about to blossom into a special resource; the likes of which the mountain bike community hadn't seen.  Boy was I….RIGHT.  To be fair, it didn't take the Amazing Kreskin to see what was happening.  I guess it's just the pessimistic mountain bike advocate in me that assumed it wouldn't really happen.

As I buzzed off the red tracks of the "Hogs" system of trails today, the latest and greatest of the once great illegal "social" trail system to be brought into the system, it dawned on me that the reality of what Sedona mountain biking has become is almost better than the hope it once was.

Sedona is now a world-class destination…period.  Moab, Durango, Fruita, St. George/Hurricane, Crested Butte, Salida - all great/classic mountain bike havens, but they have a new member in the club: Sedona.  It's just that damn good.

Big thanks to the Verde Valley Cyclist Coalition, the Red Rock Ranger District of Coconino National Forest and the scores of locals who have made this all happen.  We collectively "owe you one".


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