Monday, November 22, 2010

'Tis better to give than to receive...

Today the raffle Grand Prize was announced for the recent Iceman Cometh mountain bike race in Michigan. The prize? $5000 worth of credit with Hermosa Tours to select any domestic mountain bike tour! Now the reason I share this news is the notable reaction from our winner.

His response:


Can you explain exactly what I have won? Obviously with all the scams going around and "sounds to good to be true" stuff, I'm having a little trouble accepting that this is legit.

I'm reading that I won a trip worth $5,000 to any of Hermosa Tours destinations. Can this amount be used for more than 1 rider? How about airfare?

I'll be completely bummed if this is a "fly yourself out here, listen to 2 days of condo share sales pitches and end up with a some sort of coupon for free drinks and the loco Mexican restaurant".

I have hope this is the real deal. Assure me please.


Hahahaha! How great is that? No Travis, it's true and you are STOKED! Congratulations!

Ohhh what a jaded world we live in..... :)


  1. WOOO-HOOOO!!! I couldn't think of a more deserving winner. You're going to have an awesome vacation you'll remember the rest of your life Travis, ENJOY!!!

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