Saturday, June 26, 2010

Durango High Country, I declare thee OPEN!!!

With each new mountain bike season here around Durango, the final high country ride to become free of snow is the Molas Pass to Cascade Creek section of Colorado Trail and Engineer Mountain Trail. Yesterday we got out there and found all this warm, sunny weather has opened this route for the season....the Durango High Country is open!!!

A few flowers juuuust starting to poke their heads out. This section of the Colorado Trail is famous for some brilliant wildflower displays...we're maybe 2 weeks our from a big bloom.

Lisa cruising some sweet singletrack at about 11,500'.

Ryan and Val pretty much kicked butt yesterday. Slowly their flatlander lungs have started to acclimate to our lack of oxygen. :)

Done climbing Val!!!

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  1. That is so cool. The trails are just perfect for that kind of mountain biking adventure. Great view!