Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Hermosa Creek Milestone

Each year I think about and notice a handful of milestones marking seasonal change. Some that come to mind: the scrub oak blooming between mid to late May (happening now!!), just the opposite in early November, those little white flowers blooming in the Gulch or when the snow sticks to Engineer Mountain marking winter is here to stay.

But one that always strikes me is the first time I ride Hermosa Creek Trail in spring. Hermosa Creek represents the gateway to the backcountry to me. Dry Fork/Junction Creek, The Gulch, Phil's World, Overend Mountain Park and Animas Mountain are all great....but Hermosa Creek is the first trail to open where I feel I'm "getting away". The pine smell is stronger, the views are bigger and the roaring creek sounds primal.

So here's to mountain bike "season" officially opening to me...

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