Monday, April 19, 2010

Osprey Packs - 2010 Sales Meeting - Moab

This past weekend we hosted the gang from Osprey Packs for their annual sales meeting - this time for a little mountain biking in Moab. Everyone had on their new Raptor series packs - a pretty amazing entry into the hydraulic pack market for Osprey.

As per usual in Moab; a Polaris side-by-side dumping it on a section of Pritchett Canyon...

Here we are on day one riding Behind the Rocks. This group hung tough all day....pretty damn burly for a "corporate group"!!!

The highlight of day one - Stephen Barnes cracking his bike on a ledge drop. He was right behind me when it happened when I heard the "CRRRRRACK!". Oh man.....that sounded bad!

Little group photo on Porcupine Rim on day two...

Good times and an adventurous, tough group!


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